Powerful Presentations

Energize your audience

Have you ever given a presentation where your audience responded like cardboard cut-outs? It isn’t sufficient to know your subject and create elaborate charts and graphs. Your audience wants to leave informed as well as inspired or challenged. In this interactive one day workshop, participants gain insight into how to develop clear, concise and compelling messages. Whether presenting for an executive team, a staff meeting or a community event, you can prepare and deliver engaging and powerful presentations.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals who aspire to become more comfortable and confident in front of a group
  • High-performers who recognize that enhancing their speaking skills could foster increased career benefits
  • Managers who routinely deliver presentations


  • Build dynamic presentations
  • Avoid unnecessary “um’s” and “ah’s” that distract from presentations
  • Practice to accomplish objectives and increase confidence
  • Incorporate stories, visual aids and techniques appropriately
  • Portray ideas clearly and concisely
  • Increase ability to persuade and influence
  • Bring energy to any topic…including technical and business-related
  • Motivate, inspire and IMPACT your audience
  • Turn Monday morning meetings into thought-provoking interactions