Management Strength & Leadership Influence

During the Strength of Management, the Influence of Leadership program participants will learn how to impact their own growth to be more effective in your company’s operating environment, leading to more productive work teams, and achieving bottom-line results.
LeadAdvantage uses validated assessments, business simulations and case studies to initiate self-development efforts by participants. These methods help them to recognize patterns of behavior professionally and personally, so that they can effectively compensate for counter-productive actions and strengthen behaviors that enhance team communication and performance.

During this process, participants:

  • Engage in an activity to understand how collaboration improves the quality of decisions, encourages diverse thinking and builds trust
  • Explore avenues to effectively utilize individual strengths of each team member in order to achieve a common goal
  • Apply leadership qualities to the reality of workplace challenges
  • Understand the seven leadership patterns of behavior and how each pattern can help or hinder team success
  • Participate in a challenging task to recognize how internal competition can inhibit success or lead to a win-win situation
  • Promote a sense of accountability to motivate members of the team to work towards establishing a performance driven environment with clear and measurable goals
  • Enrich and strengthen communication to build and sustain valued partnerships between associates, peers, management, and customers
  • Analyze and discuss a case study relevant to creating and sustaining a healthy, productive and successful environment
  • Receive confidential results on how associates perceive the participant’s Leadership Pattern of Behavior (surveys completed prior to session)
  • Analyze their individual leadership behavior in ten areas of management, such as: Responding to a crisis, Handling conflict, Giving feedback, and Risk-taking
  • Develop action steps to increase leadership effectiveness

As a result participants:

  • Have more productive and effective working relationships with others
  • Understand how their behavior contributes to team success
  • Promote a healthy competitive environment
  • Delegate to utilize the strengths of the team
  • Balance their energy between tasks and people appropriately

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