Be Legendary: Table of Content

Chapter 1: Tapping the Unknown

More often than not, we lack a complete picture or full knowledge about a problem or situation. Regardless of the field we are in, discovery always begins with the search. Tapping into the collective wisdom of the team leads to anticipating and mitigating risks in addition to proactively seeking creative solutions to unexpected events.


Chapter 2: The Why

Leaders understand that if we are going to be successful at anything we do—as an organization or as a team—we must have one critical and fundamental element in place at all times; a unity of purpose we also refer to as “The Why.”  It answers the question about why we do what we do. It is larger than an individual thought or goal and focuses on the greater good rather than our own self-interest.


Chapter 3: The Money Trail

Empowerment is either in invaluable to an organization or valueless. It is also the most misunderstood, over-used and misused phrase by managers. However, leaders know that the source of their profitability and success is directly tracked to the dynamic of empowerment.

Chapter 4: The Angel of Darkness or the Angel of Mercy

People and numbers can be deceptive and misleading, but patterns of behavior always reveal the truth. These patterns are tied directly to how we think and act. This chapter begins with two of seven behavior patterns that reveal the opposing extremes in a person’s view of the world.


Chapter 5: The Godfather, The Consigliere, and The Rogue Player

Al Capone said, “The only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead.” We demonstrate the reasoning behind this view as we explain three patterns in this chapter including “The Boss” who requires loyalty, the flamboyant character that draws attention with their big grandiose ideas, and the meticulous and analytical bookkeeper with knowledge of every detail. Certain behaviors are associated with success and some are not. The magic is in the mix.


Chapter 6: The Strength of Management, The Influence of Leadership

There are no medals for trying. Strength comes from commitment and commitment is about “doing.” This pattern sets a higher standard of commitment to success between leaders and the individuals or teams around them. Leaders are performance and achievement driven with uncompromising principles and values. This is the leader that people will follow into the Abyss.


Chapter 7: The Boundary Hunters

A Chinese term Wei Chi is interpreted as “where danger meets opportunity.” Any risk is a potential danger/obstacle or a potential opportunity. The people who are willing to take appropriate risks with new and different ideas are the leaders who advance our companies to the next level. The true enemy is settling for the status quo.


Chapter 8: Intentional Focus or Unintentional Consequences

We do not deliberately set out to undermine our own success. It is usually an unintentional consequence of our actions or lack of actions that ultimately produce the same outcome. Leaders shake things up, face danger head on and make the tough choices.