When Danger Meets Opportunity = Change

IMG_0988When Danger Meets Opportunity = Change is about navigating through change and focuses on the manager’s ability to adapt to a constantly changing business environment and solve problems in a dynamic, ambiguous and fast-moving workplace. Participants are assessed on the Leadership Pattern Assessment from Strength of Management, the Influence of Leadership program to measure progress toward goals, and/or the Leadership Effectiveness Profile (LEP), which examines behavior in specific management situations. The 360 degree metric provides a benchmark to track an employee’s development in the workplace.

During this process, participants:

  • Explore how daily distractions can consume our time and focus
  • Engage in a dynamic discussion regarding the ultimate challenge confronting organizations today – although we have the technological capability to do almost anything, how do we develop the corresponding ability to choose wisely which things should be done
  • Complete a self-assessment instrument that measures the ability to both adapt to change as well as innovate and implement new ideas within the organization
  • Identify the four types of change and how each type affects the operating environment
  • Understand five factors to determine the appropriate decision-making style for optimal outcomes
  • Organize and work efficiently in a simulated activity to achieve a performance goal and quality standard for a new product using innovative measures to improve competitiveness in the marketplace
  • Gain insight into ten different areas of management responsibility, including comfort with change, leadership effectiveness and preparing the next generation of leaders
  • Analyze a Harvard case study of a major US company and the powerful influences and forces that impact organizations in transition
  • Apply elements of the program to a current change opportunity within your organization

As a result, participants:

  • Re-direct both energy and focus to minimize distractions and achieve optimal results
  • Prepare a change strategy for a current need within their own operating environment
  • Overcome issues such as resistance to change, self-imposed barriers and adapting to unexpected changes from management
  • Establish individual action plans to influence change
  • Communicate and implement strategies to gain genuine commitment

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