Customized High-Potential Process : Navigating the Future

Investing in our future leadership, high-potentials/high-performers, is critical to staying viable and relevant in today’s market. High-potentials are characterized as those who provide added value to your organization and have the potential to move in to key leadership positions in the future.


There are four forum sessions in each calendar year. The sessions include strengthening leadership behavior, navigating successfully through a changing business environment, effective collaboration and communication, and developing leaders to advance business strategies and enhance organizational culture.

Who Should Attend?

  • Persons with industry and professional potential for long-term leadership responsibilities.
  • Individuals currently in, or with the potential for, leadership roles, who have a desire for executive leadership positions, a commitment to build stronger teams, and a conviction to take their companies to the next level of excellence.

Session One:

During Session 1, participants evaluate and assess their individual strengths and weaknesses as a leader and determine how to effectively compensate for counter-productive actions and strengthen behaviors that enhance team communication and performance.

Between session each participant will be provided an individual consultation to help set goals from feedback provided on the assessment for self-development.

LeadAdvantage, Inc. uses validated assessments, business simulations and case studies to initiate self-development efforts by participants. Between sessions, participants engage in individual coaching and begin an individual project.

Session Two:

Session 2 focuses on the manager’s ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment and solve problems in a dynamic, fast-moving workplace. Participants will receive a snapshot of their current operating environment, which identifies both strengths and obstacles that impact team performance. This information allows participants to remove barriers and effectively implement changes leading to more productive work teams and improved bottom-line results.

Between sessions, participants will identify and plan a change initiative specific to their organization or work environment, and prepare a strategy for implementation. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in customized, individual coaching regarding their assessment results and their personal project.

Session Three:

Session 3 includes elements of communication, collaboration and preparing and delivering boardroom ready presentations with confidence in a clear and concise manner. This session also incorporates the development of improved decision-making skills. Participants are encouraged to look beyond the boundaries of traditional methods to explore creative options in decision making and problem solving.

Between sessions participants will be re-assessed to measure progress toward reaching their goals and engage in a coaching session.

Session Four:

Session 4 is centered on understanding culture, its strengths and opportunities, and how to operate effectively within the existing environment. Participants identify various cultural disconnects that could, left unchecked, impede both present and future progress of the team. Participants become familiar with methods of strengthening the alignment of vision, mission and goals. By instilling a sense of individual and team accountability, members of the team are motivated to work towards establishing and achieving a performance-driven culture with clear and measurable outcomes. This process includes the existing culture of your organization and reinforces those established values.

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