• Heather S.

    Business Initiative Program Manager
    Duke Energy

    LeadAdvantage, namely Sherri Baldwin, facilitated my Leadership Pattern Assessment, which provided insight into my tendencies, behaviors, and how others perceive my leadership abilities. Based on the results, which Sherri painstakingly explained and described, I was able to see how closely my vision of my own leadership style aligned with my direct reports’ and Manager’s perspectives on my leadership style. This exercise identified areas in which my leadership pattern was appropriate, strong, and preferable, as well as areas in which I needed to alter my behavior to be more effective. Sherri followed up the initial results session with additional phone discussions for further explanation tailored to me, personally.

    Because my experience with the Leadership Pattern Assessment was so positive, I sought Sherri’s input on other matters and decisions as well, since she brings an objective perspective and delivers her advice honestly. Knowing my tendencies, she was able to highlight viewpoints I hadn’t considered, enabling me to make a more informed decision.

    LeadAdvantage and its Principal, Sherri Baldwin, have been instrumental in my personal and professional development and are an excellent resource for any organization desiring to be more effective. The tools and insight gained from working with LeadAdvantage have enabled me to be a more effective leader in my organization.

  • Jimmy H.

    Engineering, Equipment & Major Projects
    Westinghouse Electric Company

    When combined with Sherri’s explanation of different patterns, the results of my personal leadership pattern assessment not only provided an objective view of my own leadership characteristics, but also enabled me to recognize and lead other patterns. It continues to prove a valuable experience.

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