• Bruce W.

    Director of Human Resources
    National Gypsum Company

    National Gypsum Company has enjoyed a valued partnership with LeadAdvantage for a number of years. Sherri and the team have demonstrated an exceptional ability to craft customizable programs that are engaging for associates, yet deliver the targeted content required to develop strong leaders. They are an important facet of the employee development process at National Gypsum. I would unequivocally recommend LeadAdvanatge to any organization looking to take talent management to the next level.

  • Julie C.

    Assistant Director, Leadership Development
    AHEC/Regional Education Services, Carolinas Healthcare

    I invited LeadAdvantage to present The Leadership Advantage program for the Charlotte AHEC Leadership Development continuing education program. I decided to participate in the class myself and I¡¯m so glad I did! Sherri is a talented, energetic and engaging speaker. She kept my attention and challenged me to consider how my leadership style comes across to my staff, who I am as a leader, and who I really want to be as a leader. A phenomenal experience!

  • Elena P.

    Mortgage Servicing Team Manager
    Bank of America

    LeadAdvantage conducts Leadership Development Programs that focus on encouraging mid career professionals to become better/stronger leaders by:

    1. Identifying the various and most common management and leadership styles in their organization.
    2. Understanding the dynamics of the management styles.
    3. Adapting their own approach based on the assessment of the situation at hand, to increase the probability of success in dealing with and leading people.

    I found the class extremely useful and relevant.

  • Derek V.

    Senior Account Executive
    OPUBCO Communications Group
    Oklahoma City, OK

    I feel fortunate to work for a company that invests heavily in the training of their employees with both time and money. By far, The Leadership Advantage class was the most engaging, insightful, and most importantly, relevant training I’ve ever had. From a sales point of view, I was able to immediately implement what I learned about myself and play towards my strengths and have a plan to develop my weaknesses. The class gave me better insight, both of myself and others, and renewed confidence of what I wanted to achieve. It also refreshed my approach with the interaction of my clients and helped me focus on win-win outcomes. I strongly credit LeadAdvantage for helping me achieve my best sales year in my 10 years in the media industry.

  • Scott C.


    My career has been in the energy industry for more than three decades, heavily involved in companies that have a significant technical and engineering component. These firms have been challenged to engage a diverse workforce in an industry that has been populated by white male workers.

    I have worked with Sherri for more than three years in several projects that put her squarely into a coaching and counseling role to make a difference in the diversity of this workforce and the success of new entrants into this workforce. These projects have involved employment and leadership issues in the energy industry. In most of this work, I have observed Sherri’s work one-on-one with individuals of importance to the future of our regional energy industry, working with dozens of people, yet showing individual attention to each. I have also tapped Sherri’s expertise for high-pressure events that have hundreds of people in the audience, as well as press, to deliver difficult messages about employment issues.

    Sherri’s approach to work is thorough and determined; employing a careful analysis of her client to deliver results that are useful individually and organizationally. She taps a wealth of personal human resource and leadership experience.

    My work with Sherri is not done. I will be using her gain in the emerging leaders class I coordinate for the nuclear industry this year, and I know I will see the same extraordinary results.

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