Break Old Habits

December 7, 2020 8:33 am Published by Comments Off on Break Old Habits

2020 is nearly OVER! It has been a strange and extraordinary year for all, including business leaders.  We’ve stretched in new ways and asked our colleagues and employees to do the same.  Everyone has had to reinvent themselves.  Who have you become?  Who do you want to be?  

Now is the time to lead, to find new ways of doing business, perhaps to take a risk.  Be the one to bring efficiency, creativity, and value to your organization.

One of our favorite, Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership is to “Reach Beyond the Boundaries” (Presentation by Sherri Baldwin & Rick Vipperman at LeadAdvantage, Inc.), reminds us that the status quo is not going to work any more. We have to be fluid and flexible, ready to adjust and think out of the box to take our teams and organizations to the next level quicker. 

Failure to achieve any of the following is a leadership deadly sin:

  1. Unity
  2. Balance of Management & Leadership 
  3. Change (Beyond the Boundaries)
  4. Accountability
  5. Healthy Communication
  6. Sense of Urgency
  7. Commitment

Ouch, sound familiar? 

We have good intentions to embrace all seven, however, old habits sneak back in when under pressure and often we miss the mark.

Bust out of those habits. Make a plan to grow/improve in 2021.  Our coaching and leadership sessions will lead you to new successes under any circumstances.  Learn more here

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Happy Holidays from LeadAdvantage! 

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