Beyond the Boundaries – Transforming Culture

The Beyond the Boundaries – Transforming Culture Workshop is transforming your culture (team, department, division, or organization), and is an activity-based workshop centered on strengthening the effectiveness of your team’s operating environment and the ongoing working relationships within that operation environment. Prior to the program, the team members and selected associates will complete two instruments, the Leadership Effectiveness Profiles (LEP) and the Organizational Culture Inventory(OCI). You and your team will explore various perceptions of the environment (shown in the LEP and OCI results) compared with expectations, and identify and develop action plans for closing potential gaps and improving the team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

During this workshop, you and your team will work together to:

  • Identify the ideal culture for your team or operating environment
  • Explore and evaluate OCI trends that are supporting or hindering your team’s desired results
  • Analyze and discuss a case study relevant to creating and sustaining a healthy, productive and successful culture.
  • Actively engage in a management simulation where participants experience first hand the issues that help or hinder an effective culture, and
  • Participate in team focus sessions and proactive planning activities designed to build a strategy for closing the gap between the current culture and the ideal environment identified by the team.

Specific outcomes will vary based on the priority needs of each team, but in general the teams will:

  • Understand the current culture, its strengths and weakness and the changes needed to meet present and future goals
  • Strengthen the alignment of vision, mission and goals
  • Promote a sense of accountability to motivate members of the team to work towards establishing and achieving a performance-driven culture with clear and measurable goals.
  • Enrich and strengthen communications to build and sustain valued partnerships between associates, peers, management and customers
  • Increase comfort to support innovation and creativity in the operating environment, and
  • Identify the barriers and potential roadblocks to building a more effective operating environment.

And as a result:

  • Develop more creative, innovative solutions to problems
  • Develop more productive operating practices
  • Create more effective communications
  • Minimize workplace disruption from team conflict and misunderstood objectives
  • Create more efficient and effective planning and implementation cycles
  • Experience a higher percentage of successful plan execution, and
  • Create specific action plans (including accountability, timelines, measurement methods) based on the work group’s issues.

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