Speaking series; Maximizing Management Strength & Leadership Influence

Customized – Virtual or live presentations, workshops or individual executive coaching 

Issues identified by executives employed by our most successful clients)

  1. Risk or Risky; Making the Tough Calls – A case study of an organization and the unintended consequences that can accompany tough decisions. Steps to consider when making decisions and the impact on people, profit and productivity.
  2. Navigating Through Change; Beyond the Boundaries – Mitigate the challenge of integrating new methods and ideas into “established and traditional” operating environments. Strengthen our leadership role to proactively and productively navigate the “new reality.” 
  3. The Art of Leadership; Strength & Vision – Balancing time and energy between tasks and people to maintain a healthy team environment. Identify patterns of behavior that can either contribute to productivity or undermine performance.
  4. Intentional Focus or Unintentional Consequences; Clear, Concise Messages & Presentations – Deliver impactful, insightful and engaging messages to colleagues. Strategically address relational issues with manager or team to strengthen or restore faith, trust and compatibility in order to work together better to achieve greater results.
  5. Women with Passion & Purpose  – Confidently create a unified team that is committed, convicted and courageous; an operating environment that is driven by an empowered vision and purpose. Recognize healthy relationships and perceptions that are essential to our career achievements and success.
  6. Composure Under Fire; Facing the Challenges – Demonstrate decisiveness, an increased sense of urgency and accountability during crisis and high-pressure situations in order to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

Sherri Baldwin, Principal – LeadAdvantage, Inc.  


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