3 Tips to Communicate Ideas Clearly

April 30, 2021 4:02 pm Published by Comments Off on 3 Tips to Communicate Ideas Clearly

“The effective influencer needs to be a good teacher. Good teachers realize that communicating knowledge is often a greater challenge than possessing knowledge”. Marshall Goldsmith, author and speaker.

I am often asked to coach individuals on communication skills. Most of us are not taught techniques for proper or powerful presentations. The focus is on gaining knowledge in our field of expertise, and the assumption is that because we are knowledgable we can intelligently convey job specific information effectively to others. Yet, 75% of people experience anxiety speaking in front of others. As a result of that uneasiness, the tendency is to ramble on and on, or cram too much information into a conversation or presentation, or add technical terms and data that are unnecessary. The result is overwhelming the audience or a crowd disengaged.

Warren Buffett, investor and business tycoon, said “investing in public speaking skills can increase a person’s value by 50%.” The ability to express ideas concisely, with clarity and passion to inspire interest and trust from the audience are all components that make an individual valuable to the organization. Three tips to help convey your message effectively:

 1. Consider the audience and the purpose of the presentation. In a business environment, the purpose is either providing information or persuading an individual/team/management/client to take action or buy into an idea, plan or process. 

2. Decide on the top three or four points that are pertinent to the presentation goal and the audience. Including too much information results in lack of clarity and distracting the audience by taking them down too many different paths.

3. Speak enthusiastically. If you are passionate about your subject, the audience will respond accordingly.  

Presentation and communication coaching can enhance team and management interactions and benefit your career. Contact us for additional tools, tips, coaching, or workshops on presenting clear, concise messages to maximize personal and professional potential.  – Sherri Baldwin, Certified Leadership Coach, Member International Coaching Federation, Distinguished Toastmaster Certification.

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