Two Things Leaders Love to Do…

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Great leaders are hard to come by, but when you see one, they are easy to spot. They carry themselves with confidence, they are kind to others, they work hard-play hard, and the list goes on and on with positive leadership qualities. But there are two things that all great leaders have in common:

  1. Leaders tap into the collective wisdom of their team.

Consider all the time, energy and money spent on advertising, interviewing and hiring the right person to fill each specific job, and yet so often that person’s skills are never fully utilized in a company. Why? Many times it is because they work for a manager with the mentality of, “I can do it quicker and more accurately on my own.” They are solo players. It is the manager who relies on their own knowledge and prior experience when making decisions instead of tapping into the knowledge and experience of the team. As a result, our best resource, the team, routinely is left untapped. When that happens, team members can start to feel undervalued and under appreciated, ultimately resulting in low morale. Leaders know that to increase the probability of better decisions for the company and to ensure others feel valued, it is essential whenever possible to ask for input and consider all of the options before moving forward.

  1. Leaders play to win.

Great leaders know it is important to tap into the collective wisdom of their team, but also realize that they have a job to do and quite often, there is a deadline they must meet. Once the project, idea or task has been discussed and the options weighed, it is time to make a decision and move forward. Leaders realize that although we are getting input and discussing, we might not always agree as a team, and ultimately the leader must make the call. When that happens there is an expectation of the team to get on board and support the decision. Leaders will do everything they can to “rally the troops” around a unified purpose so that the team can be successful. Coach Phil Jackson once said, “most teams have guys who want to win, but aren’t willing to do what it takes. What it takes is to give yourself over to the team and play your part. Now that may not always make you happy, but you’ve got to do it. Because when you, that’s when you win.”

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