Transforming Leadership Into A Reality Through Mentoring

The challenge for companies in a successful mentoring process is the time commitment and manpower to effectively set up a program and continue to follow-up throughout the process.

LeadAdvantage helps alleviate that burden by providing the hours necessary to ensure a successful and sustainable process. The purpose of this process is to enrich and advance leadership development for your emerging leaders by engaging more experienced senior leaders to partner with and promote the mentee’s development in specific areas. This proactive initiative will help prepare high-potential employees for future managerial positions. Successful mentoring programs require proper understanding, planning a structured process, implementation and evaluation.

Scope of Work

  • Develop a Customized Mentoring Program
  • Facilitate the two-day Strength of Management, the Influence of Leadership workshop and administer the Leadership Pattern Assessment (LPA – a 360 degree feedback survey)
  • Individual consultations with mentors after process is underway to provide support and clarify direction of mentees
  • Provide support to mentors and mentees throughout the process by offering telephone access to a LeadAdvantage coach when needed for questions/guidance
  • Provide a process and framework formalizing the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Facilitate a six‐month workshop for mentees and mentors to establish action-oriented, hands-on “next steps” for the mentor/mentee relationship for the second half of the year
  • Collect information at the end of the year for continued success of the process
  • Participate in a celebration with mentors and mentees at the end of the year

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