Three Tips to Manage the Holiday Hustle at Work:

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Juggling the end of year deadlines, budgets, family, employee vacations, and trying to keep the daily pace of the job responsibilities can become overwhelming during the holiday season. “Many of us feel we need the extra caffeine between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day just to have the energy to cook, shop and deal with family (and I will add work),” said Joshua Septimus, M.D., an internist with Houston Methodist Hospital. Although the holidays bring an added air of excitement, they also bring the tension of wondering how to get everything done before taking the much needed time off and bringing out the festive holiday attire and gaudy reindeer sweaters. So put down the caffeine and pick up these tips for managing the holiday hustle at work:

  1. Balance people and tasks appropriately – Tis the season to be people-focused and let others on the team know that they are valued. Perhaps it is a holiday party or bonus checks that contribute to the festivities, but ultimately, it is simply letting others know you care and understand they are trying to juggle the stress, or loneliness, of the season too. Show a genuine interest in their plans or vacations. Ask questions and listen. Celebrate the year as a team and motivate for the year to come. The best managers know how to be good leaders during the holiday season. We manage tasks and lead people.
  2. Focus on priorities – The team should divide and conquer to get done what needs to be done prior to the holiday. Delegate both small and large tasks appropriately. In other words, some of the major tasks or projects can be delegated. Delegation involves three phases: Delegating responsibility, defined authority and accountability. Most of us want to delegate responsibility and accountability but not the authority to make decisions around the task. Most employees would like the responsibility and authority, but not take ownership if something goes wrong. True delegation requires all three. This will free up time to focus on other priorities, help develop team members, and manage the stress of taking on too much right before the holiday.
  3. Have fun – Leaders know how and when to have fun. Sam Walton, founder Walmart Stores, in his book, Made in America, explained that he gave his department heads a goal and a timeline to meet the goal. He told them if they met the goal and deadline, he would personally put on a hula skirt and dance the hula dance in Time Square…which he did. The holiday season is a good time to express joy and have some fun as a team. Nothing can relieve stress like laughter.

Happy Holidays from LeadAdvantage.

Don’t forget to plan manager and high-potential development in 2016. We would love to partner with you in the New Year.

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