Three Challenges Leading to Predictable Success or Failure

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Blog post Sherri Baldwin February 2016

Your “true competition” is not always who you think it is…and not the reason for your experienced talent walking out the door. The enemy is often within our own operating environment. There are three critical challenges or issues facing organizations today that will ultimately lead to predictable success or predictable failure, and by addressing them, we can “control our own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch

These challenges include remaining viable and competitive in todays fast-changing environment, filling the talent gap, and quickly developing the next generation of leaders.

The following quotes from Turn the Ship Around by L. David Marquet encompass these challenges. Each quote includes many strong messages that are discussed in our leadership sessions. However as a prelude, we will focus on one compelling take-a-way from each quote that specifically addresses the issues faced by most organizations today.

  1. “A little rudder far from the rocks is better than a lot of rudder close to the rocks.”

To stay viable and competitive in this fast-changing environment, successful companies proactively confront issues and implement corrective measures before they become larger and more costly. Does your team respond to issues while they are still “offshore” with time to make corrections, or wait until you are already “on the rocks” to react?

  1. “This was open water and the fastest route, but it wasn’t the way the enemy submarine would likely go and, hence, wasn’t the way we needed to go.”

Leaders take appropriate risks & make decisive calls to stay competitive in today’s environment. The true enemy is settling for the status-quo, taking the path of least resistance and only seeing what is easiest to see and what we want to see versus what we need to see. Win that battle and the rest will take care of itself. Challenging the status quo may lead to resistance and criticism, but as Aristotle said, “there is only one way to avoid criticism: to do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.” To stay viable and competitive today it is “clearly more dangerous to stay the same than it is to change.” – Rick Vipperman, Lead Consultant, LeadAdvantage. Is your team settling for the status quo or choosing to look outside the lines and explore new routes in order to be “better than the rest”?

  1. “Ultimately, the most important person to have control over is yourself — for it is that self-control that will allow you to ‘give control, create leaders.’ I believe that rejecting the impulse to take control and attract followers will be your greatest challenge and, in time, your most powerful & enduring success.”

In order to develop the next generation of leaders, we must let go but not go away. In other words, we must not delegate and disappear. When used correctly it is the most powerful dynamic we have for creating the next generation of leaders. Do your managers implicitly understand the three critical dynamics associated with empowerment and the fragile circumstances under which to take back control? (This powerful dynamic is discussed in depth in our sessions)

Leaders understand that if we are going to be successful at anything we do, we have to confront, address and resolve these three key issues facing organizations: staying viable and competitive; filling the talent gap by creating a environment where people want to be part of something special; and developing the next generation of leaders who will create leadership at every level in the organization.

The value of leadership is creating a unified purpose where individuals collaborate to accomplish strategic objectives effectively and profitably.  (

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