Our Coaching Programs: Helping Leaders Galvanize Individual & Team Performance to Achieve Optimal Results

LeadAdvantage, Inc. coaches work with individuals and teams utilizing an evidence-based approach to improve leadership effectiveness. We work with leaders in all levels of an organization. Our executive coaches assist leaders to set and achieve developmental, transitional and transformational goals.

We utilize a process that is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of each client and organization. Our LeadAdvantage coaches encourage you to stretch yourself, do more than you would on your own, and assist you in achieving your goals with less detours and more focus. Our coaches will hold you accountable to the commitment you made to yourself and will assist you in achieving sustainable, positive behavioral changes that can and will improve performance and productivity.

Our coaches are ICF Certified and trained executive coaches. Each coach has years of leadership experience in a variety of industries. Bios available on our Team Page from dropdown menu.

Types of Coaching

Executive Leadership & Mid to Senior Level Management

We partner with successful leaders in determining key patterns of behavior that help or hinder them in achieving their greatest success.  We work with leaders who are willing and motivated to change their behavior to improve their leadership performance and effectiveness. Individual or group coaching available.

Emerging Leaders & High-Performers

We assist new leaders in developing behaviors that will ensure greater success. We provide support in developing leadership traits that align the organization’s goals with their own core values and beliefs. Participant receive feedback on the perception of their leadership style through a 360-degree feedback assessment. This feedback provides awareness & a starting point for discussion & setting target goals.

Team/Group: Series of 1/2 Day Sessions

We assist teams/groups/divisions/cross-functional teams in improving their collective effectiveness and performance. We explore counter-productive behaviors and assist the team in developing new behaviors that improve cohesion and productivity. We explore positive ways to resolve conflicts, encouraging impassioned discussions while maintaining respect for all contributors. We ask that groups involve all key members of their team and all stakeholders in soliciting valuable feedback. We work with groups who are willing and motivated to change their behaviors to improve their team’s performance and effectiveness.

Presentation and Communication Coaching

How you communicate impacts your ability to reach your full potential – from the words you use to the questions you ask. Presentation and Communication skills coaching is for:

  • Leaders who are looking to take their skills to the next level
  • Sales professionals looking to pitch their products and services more effectively
  • Professionals who are looking to speak to a large audience or at a conference
  • Individuals who want to “own the room” when it really counts

We will assess your needs, and work with you (or your group) to achieve your communication goals.


The challenge for companies in a successful mentoring process is the time commitment and manpower to effectively set up a program and continue to follow-up throughout the process.

LeadAdvantage helps alleviate that burden by providing the hours necessary to ensure a successful and sustainable process. The purpose of this process is to enrich and advance leadership development for your emerging leaders by engaging more experienced senior leaders to partner with and promote the mentee’s development in specific areas. This proactive initiative will help prepare high-potential employees for future managerial positions. Successful mentoring programs require proper understanding, planning a structured process, implementation and evaluation.

Please contact us today to learn more about business coaching and mentoring at LeadAdvantage.

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