Assessments and Evaluations

Key parts of LeadAdvantage’s results-oriented service to our clients include the use of a variety of assessments measuring leadership patterns, leadership effectiveness, and organizational culture.

While gathering data is critical to identifying where we are, it is, more importantly, the basis from which to plan for the future. Identifying the gap between your current and desired state provides critical insight for building and implementing sustainable plans for the future.

Our senior consultants are able to integrate a client’s own assessments and surveys as part of our work in helping organizations improve their productivity, staff morale and overall effectiveness. This feature allows for seamless integration of current efforts with LeadAdvantage’s acclaimed programs and processes, enabling organizations to magnify the returns from our work.

LeadAdvantage is able to help you evaluate the data, understand the story behind that data and then work with you to plan and take meaningful action to improve performance—of individuals, of teams and of the entire organization.

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